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Not sure if you should move to our Slightly Different web hosting? Have a quick read of the FAQs below, which cover:


WP Migration


WP Health Check & Tune


SSL certificate

SD Hosting Illustration Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

There’s no one answer that works for everyone but if you consider the following points you won’t go far wrong:

  • Do they specialise WordPress?
  • Is there support I can actually speak to without extra cost?
  • Can they help me optimise and secure my site?
  • Can they move the site over from my old hosting for me?
  • Are regular backups included in the cost?
  • Are their servers secure and fast?
  • Do I get full access to everything via a control panel?
  • What hidden costs are there?

If you’ve got a WordPress web site and you purchase a years hosting then it is easy as!

All you have to do is give us full access to your current hosting and we will do the rest for you.

If you really want to do it yourself then that’s no problem at all.  Go for it and know that you have our support with anything that gets gnarly.

Of course!

Our web hosting control panel lets you set up your email accounts and then add in the details of your old/existing email account – it will just sync everything over for you. Job done.

Or, even easier, let us have a list of your existing email accounts with settings and passwords and we will set them up and sync them all over for you.

Done right it is simple and you won’t lose a single email.

Yes, of course!

This is in both our interests, as it keeps your site running and reduces resource usage on our servers.

In fact, if you take on a years hosting and take us up on our free WP Migration service, we include a WP Health Check and Tune free of charge. This includes:

  • checking all plugins are up-to-date
  • making sure you are using the latest version of PHP your site can handle
  • configuring PHP to make sure you have all required extensions and suitable memory, file upload and other settings
  • installing and configuring WordFence security system, if you don’t already have a good security plugin
  • installing and configuring a performance plugin such as WP Rocket to ensure your web pages are loading as quickly as possible
  • review the site setup and make any further recommendations on performance and security

If you don’t qualify for this, or have already had it, then feel free to contact us and arrange for a one off, or periodic, WP Health Check and Tune.  Typically this costs $155 + GST subject to the work required.

Your hosting is setup immediately on payment of your new hosting order.

If we are helping with either a free WordPress migration or your email account migration this is typically completed within one working day of receiving all the required information from you.

We can either do migrations on an “as soon as possible” basis or agree a time to schedule it in to suit you.

Emails are simple, and the answer is no there won’t be any downtime.  We plan and have the tools to automate synchronising your email with no loss of emails and no downtime of service.

Web sites.  OK, that’s simple too.

For a normal web site that is just content then absolutely no downtime.

For a dynamic web site, such as an ecommerce site, a bit more thought is needed as the last thing you want is orders happening in the site on the old server and different orders in the site on the new server. But with a bit of forward planning we can keep that to an absolute minimum and, yes, we do that planning for you.

Support is what we do best!

You get full access to our support via email, phone or support ticket. Your choice.

All support is provided locally here in New Zealand by staff that really know the technical, but can communicate it simply. No long words or complicated phrases and all with a can-do attitude.

Your yearly hosting fee includes all the support you need relating to your domain, web site and email hosting. OK, and then some knowing us!

But please remember we are a hosting company and not a computer repair shop. Nor can we maintain sites or program them as part of our included support 🙂

We’ve got servers in Auckland, Sydney, Singapore and Frankfurt. So, take your pick.

We keep all our shared hosting, control panel and email servers on shore in Auckland for optimal performance of everything  you want immediate access to.

Infrastructure servers such as name servers, backup servers and management systems are spread around all locations.

Web sites on WP Cloud, up to you! We work with you to optimise web site hosting that is optimal to your market.

We prefer to be totally transparent about our charges.  All hosting prices include the following as standard:

  • Daily backups with 30 day retention
  • 24×7 automated monitoring with pre-emptive response
  • Multi level security inc. multi level firewall, WAF and malware scanning
  • Free self provisioning Lets Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Full control panel and shell access

You get total control via full hosting control panel and shell access.

This allows you to configure your hosting the way you want, manage all your files, databases, email accounts, spam settings, cron jobs, SSL and more.

Plus access to our techs for anything else you need help with.


We’ve got hosting customers in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, US, France, Italy and Germany.

And, yes, servers in various locations around the globe to support that. See “Where are your servers located?”

All WP Cloud plans are monthly.

All WP Optimised Shared hosting is yearly by default but we do also offer monthly and quarterly payment options. You just miss out on all the great free stuff.

Sadly not.

They are all proprietary systems operating as Software as a Server (SaaS)  that can only be hosted by themselves and can never be transferred away.

We can still host your domain, DNS and email accounts.  Just not your web site.

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